That Andy Guy – Oh No, Not That Andy Guy (2016)


I first heard That Andy Guy on “A Leisurely Stroll,” the opening track to last year’s DESKTAPE and have been excitedly waiting for more material ever since. That track now finds itself neatly woven into his latest project, Oh No, Not That Andy Guy.

Oh No comes from DESKPOP, a distinctly unique label that focuses on experimental electronic music. DESKPOP consistently releases music that brings something new, and Andy’s latest album fits right in. It’s lighthearted, poppy, and lined with subtle details.

The album is self-described as “post-chiptune,” joining elements from early video game music with more contemporary electronic music. While most of the album branches out from traditional chiptune, some of Andy’s best writing is on “HappiNES,” a song that stays true to its roots. As the name implies, “HappiNES” recalls the era of 8-bit video game soundtracks, using chip-based synths and pixelated arpeggios to remind listeners of a bygone age.

Almost every song on the album sounds fitting and helps the album’s flow except for one. The only track that feels wildly out of place is “F%$# You, Then.” After almost half an album’s worth of dancy electronic music, it’s jarring to hear a trap song that’s so abrasively dark and unfitting.

Hey, Look Over There” is the peak of the album and exemplifies some of the best material from That Andy Guy to date. The timbre and syncopation of the piano chords immediately recall sounds from early house and drum ’n’ bass. At this point, music from that era straddles the line between being dated and being nostalgic. Because Andy uses compositional styles from that era and makes them his own, the music works charmingly in his favor.

Oh No, Not That Andy Guy sounds refreshingly new. Part of what makes the music so accessible and enjoyable is its fusion of new music with sounds from the past. Though the album’s flow isn’t perfect, this project shows a lot of promise for Andy. His music has taken a huge leap forward, and I hope to see it continue moving in the right direction.

Favorite Track: “Hey, Look Over There”

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