Rony Trio – Shadow (2015)

Rony Trio is a self-described jäger-folk band from London. As the genre’s name implies, their music sounds like folk-pop music with a shot of Jägermeister. The trio is simple, consisting of Rony Berrebi on vocals and guitar, Oliver Mitchell on bass, and Jim MacRae on drums. Rony grew up on a wide variety of music, from bossa nova, blues, jazz, and rock. In addition to these influences, the band is collectively influenced by artists such as Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews Band, Metronomy, and Herbie Hancock.

Despite identifying as a trio, the three members of the band are sometimes joined by other instrumentalists and vocalists. Even when joined by other musicians, the band’s music still carries a sweet tinge of humbleness that trios often do. This modest backbone to the trio’s music is best embodied in “Mystery”, a song that carries warmth, love, and sense of community one feels when singing with a bunch of friends. In this track, Rony Trio is joined by their friends — even strangers, perhaps — in singing background vocals, clapping to the beat, or simply being present. The accompanying music video functions perfectly. Like the music it’s paired with, it is earnest, heartwarming, and brimming with a cozy sense of companionship.

One powerful and emotionally distraught track is “Mythology”, the EP’s closer. As described by the trio, the song is about “religious tolerance…risks and pitfalls of everyone living in their own worlds not understanding other worldview and beliefs.” Through heavy distortion and a brutally honest refrain, Rony Trio delivers a well-needed message about respecting one another and embracing each individual’s unique qualities.

Shadow is well-crafted EP that delivers powerful and emotionally dense music. Part of the charm of Rony Trio’s music is that there are songs that appeal to varying emotions. Even with these variances, it’s not hard to find something to relate to. I recommend taking twenty minutes out of your day and experiencing a hearty and heartfelt shot of jäger-folk.

Favorite Track: Mystery

Rony Trio - Shadow

I was contacted (but not compensated) by Rony Trio to review their debut EP. All ideas expressed are my own.

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